Knit by Needles

How We Got Started

The idea for our business began the summer of 2008.  It started out as a homeschool project to sell hats and bracelets at a local craft festival, but as the months went by,  we experimented and came up with a couple more hat patterns.  

We currently donate 10% of all the money we make to BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge). BGMC helps missionaries get the supplies they need so they can spread the Gospel of Christ around the world. To find out more about BGMC visit their website at: 

This project has grown into something bigger than we ever expected. To think that we started out with a cardboard box full of hats and bracelets and now we have expanded our product line and craft festival list more than we ever would have imagined. We're excited to see what else God has in store as we continue.

Upcoming Events

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