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Welcome to Knit by Needles!  We sell hand-knitted items.  You can see pictures of our products in the Photo Gallery.  If you're interested in purchasing some of our products, go to Prices where you'll find our prices and ordering information.  Go to our Calendar to see what events we'll be selling our products at.

Want to know more about the color selection and items  we can make?  Keep on reading!   

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*If you don't see a knitted product you were looking

for, please email us at :  and

we'll let you know whether we can make it or not.*

Hand-knitted Hats

Currently we make four different types of hats.  We make baby hats, adult hats, earflap hats, and our favorite, night caps.  The baby, adult, and ear-flap hats can be one or two colors and the night caps can either be striped or just one color.  Choose your style of hat and then combine the colors of your favorite: sports team, holiday, color(s), food, etc. to make the hat your own!    

Links to Other Websites We Enjoy

Folk Art By Faith is a local artist in our area and creates wonderful masterpieces. Her work can be found at the following site:

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